Happy New Year everyone,

We have begun the second half of the school year and will soon be on the downhill slide to summer.

First let get past the Arizona State Route report that we will all be completing in a few weeks. This time of year is when the office staff prays they can read all of the mileage sheets and student count forms. The Supervisors and Directors hope that all the figures come out right to maximize your transportation department’s state reimbursement. So keep those pencils sharpened and don’t use the paperwork to wipe up that coffee spill on the floor. 

Your AAPT Executive Board has been meeting to debrief from our awesome October Conference in Sacaton Arizona and to get things going for the upcoming State School Bus Safety Road-eo in Phoenix.

We are in the process of making a decision on where our next Fall Conference will be held. It’s possible it will be in the Phoenix Area. We will have more information as soon as possible.

Get your boots on and lets saddle up the buses its Road-eo time again!

Early registration has begun for the AAPT School Bus Safety Road-eo on March 14, 2020, the information is included on this newsletter and you have until January 31st 2020 to benefit from the early bird pricing. Once again we will be at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix and the Award Ceremony will be held down the street at Heard Elementary School, 2301 West Thomas Road later that day. Final registration will be due By February 25, 2020. No Late Entries accepted and No Refunds for No Shows.

Start practicing and get those skills in check as the competition is going to be tight. There is even a Rookie award for our newly certified school bus drivers. AAPT will pay the airfare for the top winner to go to the International Safety Road-eo in Niagara Falls, New York on July 18-19, 2019.

For those of you who are really competitive, the Northern Arizona School Transportation Association (NASTA) School Bus Road-eo is going to be on April 11, 2019 at Chinle Arizona. Come out and support our friends up north, it is always a good time at their Bus Road-eo. Plus you are able to qualify and drive in different types of buses and it is also split awards between male and female drivers. They also appreciate volunteers to be judges if you are wanting to help out. Contact Cherie Jumbo the NASTA President for more information.

So far we have had a colder and wet winter in Arizona, let’s all be aware of our surroundings as we do our jobs. Drive safely, show consideration and love to others and remember to pay it forward when you can.

When I check the school bus news from around the nation, there are lots of incidents that have occurred daily. I still say that we have some of the best trained school bus drivers in the nation. Yes I know that accidents can happen anywhere to anyone, but I feel we as a group make better common sense decisions that help us transport our students safely every day.

Have a great safe January and see you all at the AAPT School Bus Safety Road-eo in March.

Armando Cuellar

AAPT Member Communication Editor

established 1949

Arizona Association For Pupil Transportation